Feb 02, 2018

Target Audiences and Content Planning for Social Media - The Onion Method

Marketing is only useful if it's directed to the right people. One of the first exercises done when brainstorming new marketing campaigns will be clearly defining a target audience. Traditionally the more defined the target audience, the better, but when it comes to content marketing it’s different. Content marketing has the unique quirk of requiring more views to achieve momentum to be effective. If you tailor your content so specifically to a small target audience, it may not attract enough eyeballs to reach out and be impactful. This is where the Onion Content Plan comes in.

A Luxury Pet Spa wants to start Social Media marketing. They have defined their ideal customers as rich pet owners who love to splurge on their pets. This will form our core target audience:

Animal lover, pet owner, wealthy and willing to splurge on pets

Look back, and figure out which one of those definitions we can peel away, to get the next most well-rounded target audience. In this case, to splurge on pets you need to be a pet owner, an animal lover, but not necessarily wealthy. From this we can create our next tier:

Animal lover, pet owner and willing to splurge on pets

Then repeating the exercise 2 more times we get our onion of target audiences

  1. Animal Lover

  2. Animal Lover who owns pets

  3. Animal lover who owns pets and is willing to splurge on them

  4. Wealthy animal lover who owns pets and is willing to splurge on them

Using this onion, we will develop a content plan. ¼ of your content will focus on each descending layer of the onion, from a broad net of just animal lovers, to a focused spear of Wealthy individuals who love to splurge on their pets. As an individual is closer to the ideal target audience, the more of your content will appeal to them, with 100% at the core, to 25% at the outside layer.

The two outer layers serve as a wide net, to appeal to as many people as possible in the hopes to catch ideal audiences. The two inner layers acts as bait to get them hooked. Together they work as an efficient means to weed out ideal individuals from large demographics.

This just helps you define the audiences for each layer of your content plan, what that content should be exactly is for another article. In the meantime, I am always happy to help.