Nov 02, 2017

Hello World - A word from Bench

Upon the shores of a dreary lacklustre world, emerges a shell of hope and creativity. Bench has arrived in Hong Kong! We believe that the sole purpose of writing is to deliver an idea. In our work we not only think about every single word choice, but the circumstances and audience, all to deliver a message that resonates.

The benches at Kennedy town, Hong Kong, was where it all started. Since moving to Kennedy Town, I would sometimes head down for fresh air and get lost in the peaceful tranquillity of the benches. Over time as I grew as a freelance writer, I found myself turning to the benches in need of inspiration or to think clearly. It was also at this bench that I decided to gather a group of talented individuals to create an agency dedicated to writing all that the benches represent. Open space, peace, creativity and a unique power to resonate with all visitors.

As a new agency, we excel in 4 key areas of today’s writing. Social media, webcopy, branded content, naming and taglines. For more details on the specifics of each of our services, please visit the service section of our website here. For a taste of our old work you can visit our portfolio here.

For this blog we will be sharing our musing about social media, writing and other areas to do with marketing. We hope that our observations and small tips can help pull us out of this lull of subpar advertisements.

Thank you all that helped get us to where Bench is now, and we hope that we can live up to our aim and produce some great work. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates, and if you would like to get in touch, please email us at


Harold Mollison